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God's Everlasting

Love: For You

God's Ownership of Us - İsmail Serinken

Movie Trailer For Ismail Serinken's First Book

"Talking With God On The Way Back Home"


They were still here, they had never even left. Our common world was separated by an unseen energy wall called Quadronia. We live in a mortal world full of pain and misery, while they live in an immortal, flawless society. That is, until an earthquake rippled through the Sahara Desert, causing an energy shift that divided the Quadronia Wall. This would change the course of humanity forever.


The Way, featuring

Ismail Serinken and Cem Güler.

Chronicles of Grace, featuring Ismail Serinken and Betül Beriş.

Time of Grace with Ismail Serinken

Sunday Sermons with Ismail Serinken

A Bible Study with Ismail Serinken

Television Programs